my experiences

I AM A FOOL n its proved too

i was very confident since my childhood that no one can fool me so easily.the way i dealt with people n the way i accept them made me feel so strong n confident that i was in same opinion til last year…….but a great experience came into my  life n learnt a lot out of it.i totally changed a lot after the incident n it affected me in such a way that im not able to trust even myself at times…… its said that whatever happens is for our own good i took it as a boon n now movin on with time despite of the failure n shock i received………………….

since my childhood i was in a strong hunt of a close friend of mine.i found no one who thinks like me,who acts like me,who perceives things like me…..above all who would understand me totally…i had many friends but found no one who have all the above qualities.

my dad use to warn me that we should have atleast one friend of ours who would share every nook n corner of ours n who would accept us as we my hunt continued till my b.pharm first year a pause came to my hunt which i mistook it as fullstop.

after joining in 1st year i was new to the college n also late in n one more friend together stepped into college n lot of doubts started to roll in my mind.who z gonna be my friend,with whom am i gonna stay throughout 4 years which is the most important period of my life,in addition to that my dads advise use to linger in my mind”have a good friend who would stay through out ur life”………so in such a peek  situation the real star entered into my life.
she z one of our friends n we are a group of 9 members.we use to stay together n enjoy usual they dint affect me at al n i continued my own way of life.suddenly the star started to attract me.she caught the weak point of mine n prepared the trap.she started off with a letter saying that she like me so much n she z feeling me too close than anyone first as the human tendency says i doubted her affection n thought of testing it in my own way.but luck dint favour me much n i bluntly went into her trap.she continued showing her affection n love to me n literally convinced me so much that i cant help accepting her.then she cautioned me saying that dont let anyone else know our closeness so that they may not mistake us n sequester us from the batch.obviously i followed her blindly.each n every second she use to express her feelings n love to me n i use to be carried away by im very bad at expressing love she use to scold me sweetly why am i not expressing my love to her.she use to flatter me a lot n perceive each n everything of mine in the way i do.all the qualities i mentioned before are amazingly seen in her n i totally accepted her…….here the twist came………
she does the same magic of love n affection n personal concern to two more friends of our batch…….isnt it fantastic………………………the major caution she took to do the same trick with 3 fools at a time is that she took a promise from everyone that  DONT LET ANYONE KNOW OUR CLOSENESS.
so she continued her relation with al of us n she remained as a radical part of our comes the twist for her…………….
she tried to have the same kind of attachment(secret) with everyone n in that process she made a backbiting bout one of our friends with another friend in our batch.the one who heard the star saying so was wondered n carried the message to another both of them came to know of her plan n tried to reveal it to us.but as we are totally concealed by her love couldnt believe their words n started to stay away from them.they tried a lot to tel us the fact but we put them away for a long time.then one fine day the rest of our friends went to the ones who knew the fact n asked them y they are trying to blame my friend….
then they started telling me but before that they asked me not to tel her back again(at the very moment i told myself in my mind that i should tel my friend immediately whatever they gonna tel) . then as they started to tell all the secrets of mine which i told my one n only friend i slowly started to believe them.they revealed everything to me so clearly that i totally believed them n also came to know how successfully she fooled me.i was totally mad at the very moment n couldnt even cry out of shock.because of her influence i avoided al other friends n hated them for no reason.she use to keep conflicts to one another n enjoy the play.she  tricked us barely for 6MONTHS.i even spared my parents at times for her sake n lost myself too.slowly all of us recovered from the shock n understood each one n regretted for what we have done to each other.we made a direct encounter with her regarding the matter n warned her to stay away from us.
now we are a batch of six n very clear bout each of more backbiting no more controversies regarding anything.but the way she tricked me n used my weakpoints was amazing n marvellous.i cant help appreciating her n fawning her ability.the most incredible person i ve ever come through in my life n learned a lot out of this im clear bout people n relations.its definitely a stepping stone to me n it helps me a lot with my personality developement.
but my memories with her are ever fading n i felt lot of satisfaction wen im in her mania.i can never forget her betrayal n also never forget the affection she showed(true or not,never mind).this transformed me into a new human being n brought lot of maturity to my mind.whatever happens we should be thankful to god………….thank u god for giving me such a beautiful friend for 6months…………..thank u god for hinting me about upcoming threats in my life.


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