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My first memorable trip to ARAKU

The most enjoyable moment so far in my proffessional course is my trip to “ARAKU” with my classmates.This happened in november last year which brought me a  lot of memories n enjoyable part of my life.As it is very rare for me to go out with friends,it was rather an accident  n im amazed at the way i went through it……First all our classmates planned for a picnic n its the time for us to decide where to go n when to go.Our principal never try to take risks n we were sure that he wouldnt agree for our picnic to such a long distance araku.but he always surprise us with his reactions.i.e.he agreed for the picnic. we thought of taking a private bus but as date of our picnic z nearing we started losing hopes as we are not able to arrange the transport..Then jus as a trial few of our classmates asked our princi for the college bus for our picnic n to all our surprise he agreed for it………….at that moment……  that very moment he appeared like an idol of  lord krishna for us.he also asked two of our faculty members to guide us for the our preparations started for it n then slowly our hopes started fading out again.some of our classmates dint show interest to come for such a long distance for struggled a lot to convince them and atlast we were able to pile up a total of 30 members.we decided to start off early in the morning at 6’o clock n everything got the morning the bus started from nad n all of us got into the bus n we reached vizianagaram to pick up the rest of our classmates n faculty members.there we got our lunch n water packets etc packed n started off to araku… first all were sitting  quiet in our places n started to get bored.then we decided to play some games.we started with dum charades which is the most common game that we play together.we enjoyed a lot in the bus itself  before we reached borra it was a one day trip we jus selected two places to go i.e.borra caves n chaparai……so we went to borra caves n it was so amazing to go with friends for the first time.there all the monkeys gave us a huge welcome by threatening us.we went all aroung taking photos n moving about together.i enjoyed a lot going with friends n went to every nook n corner of the caves n took photos.then finally we came out n then again started to chaparai.though the way to araku z very hectic n painful we dint find it in the way it is as it is with friends.even lecturers played with us n i found them very friendly n jovial.our favourite sir also came with us n we had fun together.we went to chaparai n its so beautiful scenic that i was taken away by the view it gave.we played for a long time there enjoyed a lot.we took many photos n played in water spilling at each other n had lot of fun.before goin there we had our lunch on the way in our the girls stayed in bud n al the boys n faculty sat in front of the bus n had their was really nice to see that n they enjoyed it too.then after chaparai we started off back to vizag.the most interesting part of our trip is the journey.though two of our friends had vomitings n headache in the starting, the rest of the journey was so nice n we yelled while returning in the night.throughout the journey we sang songs al together n enjoyed like hell.night at 10’o clock we got down in highway.i think this is the first time to walk on the highway at such a late hour.we took an auto n reached home at 10.30.finally im home.but the trip gave me lot of memories n fun which i ve been waiting for our classmates have got good interaction with each other we all enjoyed together.this will always last as a sweet memory to me n i really enjoyed a lot……………


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