my passions


My sweetest weakness n strong passion z meghana my cousin.i dont know y i love her so much but i literally go mad after her.her family stays in my grandmas whenever i go to my grandmas house i stick to her n linger around her as if im a kid n she as an elder one to me.i love two things about my grandmas z the fields that come on the way to the village n other one z maggi.

The fields which come across are very peaceful n pacifying.i love to have a glance at them on my way.the cool breeze that comes from them n the view they give z amazing.they are one of the boons to us given by green so peaceful……..i cant turn off my eyes from them even if im in a crazy bad mood.

ha ha this is my sweet sweet maggi . she z goin through a manual of aqua filter…..isnt she seeming to be  revising seriously for some exams.from the very moment she was born she started attracting everyone with her spark n im badly affected by her magic.the only passion which dominates my attitude z maggi.whatever the reason maybe ,i always like her as much as i can.

The major thing which im worrying bout z………what if she grows up……ha ha its crazy to think so but i want to see her as the most happiest person in the world n that can happen only if she z a child with al the innocence n happiness in her.but whatever happens il keep lovin her as much as i do to my mom.


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