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BHUTAN “The land of Dragons”

I once read an article about Bhutan n its specialities.i was literally impressed by it a lot n decided to add it to my blog.

its got lot of  interesting things in it n very much inspirational.there are lot of things which are to be learnt n has got lot of importance to human life.the major things which are to be discussed are the peace they follow n the greenery.

The people in Bhutan always stay in peace n they don’t go for violence at any cost.they always follow peace in each n every aspect of their life.they are so much at peace that they don’t even hurt plants.75 percent of the people earn their living jus by farming.they care a lot bout health n pollution.they don’t entertain smoking in public places at all.its the first country where public smoking z prohibited.they not only prohibited smoking but also controlled the production of tobacco which our country z failing to do.the Bhutan government cares a lot bout the health of their people n goes to any extent for their well-being.the people there even take lot of measures for their peaceful life n for the good of others.they treat plants also as living beings n don’t try to hurt them.they enjoy the nature as it is n don’t try to destroy it with their selfish needs.this is the only country where 72 percent of it is occupied totally by forests.they also take care of the animals n birds which live in those forests.they dont even think of harming them.they care them so much n it can be understood by the following instance………..

In a valley called phobjikha cranes use to come seasonally n take shelter.once the bhutan government observed that cranes are dying large nos getting stuck by the electric wires hanging around the they said goodbye to electric power n started to survive on solar nt it amazing.they dont even kill fish to eat.

They give a lot of importance to moral values too.they banned certain channels in the so-called idiot box like fashion tv,wwf ,ten sports,mtv etc.they also found that the human relations are getting affected by tv.

Because of lot of forests n greenery in it we get lot of fresh air n peace there.they dont encourage pollution at all even at the cost of their they keep lot of restriction on industries n their production.they say that they dont want development at the cost of their lives.thats y its called shangrila which means a paradise where everyone are meant to be happy.

Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk

The whole credit goes to the king wangchuk who cares a lot bout the people n take dynamic decisions for their welfare.he was jus 17 when he was crowned.he z the one who abolished smoking.he z such a rightful person that when he decided to abolish smoking he himself avoided smoking n then ordered the country not to smoke.his wisdom  can be seen from his interview given to financial times.he was asked that the financial development of the country is too low and y isn’t he worried about it at al.then he answered that all the countries of the world z concentrating on gross national production while he z concentrating on gross national thoughtful……………

Though the country is not economically so developed yet its the 8th most happiest country in the world.this shows that the people of Bhutan are almost successful in following their rules n achieving their goal by piling peace as their treasure.

I feel very happy that it’s the nearest country to us n im trying to learn a lot from it.they are the real human beings who are craving after humanity n not for money or any other crap.i hope i visit the country atleast once n experience their wealth of peace in person.


4 thoughts on “BHUTAN “The land of Dragons”

  1. hiii shravani…i saw all your interests and i came to know the way how shravani is ….u wrote very well bout ur self and that bhutan article is very useful article to every one of us…i am glad to c such article in ur blog….keep smiling 🙂

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  2. shravaniii…….i’m seeing a very fresh new side of u through dis blog.i never knew so deeply bout ur interests and i feel i should visit ur blog more frequently to know the more “U”

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