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HUMANITY??? can it be seen anywhere

I came through an article this morning in newspaper n it’s really touching.Y dont anyone think of humanity when they knew the importance of it.We are called humans because we possess the quality of humanity which animals can never do.We are living in a world together where we need to help each other for our survival.The article z about the experience of a student who has forgone the humanity n indirectly been the reason for a death……..

A student called Arun once went out with his friend Ashrin  for a movie.They took the tickets n as still there is time for the show to begin they went for a restaurant n had a chat.After a while they came out n headed for the theatre.On their way they saw a guy going in extreme speed on his bike by their side.So Ashrin shouted at him angrily being irritated by his speed.By the time the bike went out of his sight it met with an accident n everyone were startled.As usual people gathered around the guy n started to enjoy the scene.Each commented in their own way saying that he might be going for his girl friend or he z drunk n things like that.Ashrin went to him n after looking at his smashed leg asked an auto driver to help him to take the man to hospital.The driver rejected fearing at the risk of police , compliant etc.He quickly came to Arun n asked him to get some bike so that they both can take the guy to hospital.Arun though had an intention to help dint dare to do so n pulled Ashrin too back by not supporting him.After half an hour the ambulance came n took the guy to hospital…………….

The next day as Arun eagerly saw the newspaper for the news came up with a terrible truth.The guy was in a hurry to the hospital to donate blood to his friends mother n in that hurry dashed the lorry n lost his life with a heading saying that he was dead only due to lack of humanity in the people around.Jus imagine ourselves in Aruns place.Definitely everyone would do the same thing.How many would be like Ashrin n take the initiative to help.

It’s the most pathetic thing to hear the incident.People should realise that an instant help z very much important in such situations.How can we let a person’s life to air looking at our own safety n risk.Then whats the use of living in a society.Even we would get the need of others one day where we can find no one who  z ready to give a helping hand jus because of thinking like us.yes humanity cannot be seen anywhere in today’s world ……..


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