my views


This is my recent experience n im glad that it dint affect me at al………….
few days back i happened to meet a person through my nearest well-wisher.i was told about the person whom i met that he has got some powers in him n he z a gifted person unlike every one of us.he can tell each n every detail of the past  of a person jus by looking at the face.i was totally surprised by listening to his powers n abilities.i was as well impressed n decided to meet him n learn new things bout me.

For many days i couldn’t meet him n waited for my encounter with him.we were given the appointment for nearly 3 times n eventually they got cancelled due to some slowly my curiosity decreased n lost interest in meeting him.then suddenly one day we were called to meet him n once again i became eager .we went to his house n waited nearly for half an hour.we had a chat with 2 more people n discussed his powers n the way he tells our past.then at last he came n i suddenly became nervous .then he started to have a glance at all of us n asked us about our he asked me suddenly wats my problem i couldn’t react instantly n said i have no problems at all.then he spoke to others who are present with me.later wen we got the chance to talk to him personally he told certain characters of mine jus by looking at my face.some matched with me very much but some dint.then again while leaving he asked me to meet him later at particular time.i dint trust him at all n decided to meet him at the specified time n see if he can interpret exactly what i am n my past.

Then one day he came to my neighbour’s house n called my brother to meet him.then me n my brother were at some shop n my brother went to meet him n i stayed back.then after a while i got a call from my brother saying that something happened to my mom n i should reach home immediately.i was shocked n dint know what to say.then he spoke worriedly n compelled me to reach home as fast as possible.then my heart started to pound n i couldn’t even imagine what might have happened to my mom all of a sudden.i can bear any hard situation of life except in the case of my mom.since my childhood im very sensitive in her as i was walking on the road heading to my house my legs were partially paralysed so as my brain.i was trying to think n use my brain not heart.but my emotions totally took over the control n my eyes were welling irrespective of the place i am.i was pacing on road n trying to contact my brother but couldn’t get the line.i tried my moms number n got no slowly my brain stopped working n i started to panic.then suddenly my brother called me back n in a very pleasant voice told that the call which i got before was not from him but from the person who called him.he wanted me to come n meet him so jus called from my brothers no n played a joke.

I started to yell at my brother standing on the road as i came to know the fact.he told he will come n pick me up.i started to cry like hell thinking of the shock i received n slowly reached a corner of the road.then after reaching the person who called me i totally gained control of my mind n spoke to him normally.then he told few more things bout me.he told my nature n lil bit of future.even then i dint feel anything extraordinary in him.i heard many wonders bout him but couldn’t sense any such in my case.

The point here is whats the use of knowing our past through someones mouth n be amazed at their power.y should we know our future wen we are actually to face it.wen we come to know of our future we would definitely try 1000% to change it according to us.if we change the future then the prediction about the future will be proved its damn useless to know our future.i dont say that astrology dont exist n is not true but whats the use.should we believe in them n struggle more than we do wen we dont know whats going to happen.its a thrill to come across new things n deal with them in our own way.whats the use to know that india z gonna win before it really wins the we have any more interest left to watch the match after knowing the my view is to face the future boldly without any predictions but jus with expectations n variations.even in epics we see that lord Krishna n other great people n scholars dont reveal the future though they knew whats gonna the best policy of life is to move on with time n be selective in whatever we do………….


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