my experiences

FRIENDS……..”the fairest part of life”

My first friend z my neighbour sruthi. After I started looking into this world her eyes added to me n we both use to be together.We joined in the school at a time n we are always together.After finishing lkg we parted as my dad got transferred.From then I never gave much preference to friends.I use to move with them but never took them serious.though i am grading up in school there is no much influence of friends on me.Basically I never trusted anyone.then we happened to shift our house away from our school when I was in 7th.Then I came to know bout my dearest friend raj………………… though I have seen her many times in school n I knew her by face I never spoke to her.But after we moved to the new house I happened to meet her n we both became friends slowly.In the starting as usual I dint trust her n I use to be like a touch me not with her too.Then later on because of our frequent meetings n random chats I unknowingly became close to her.We both use to share a lot of things.Many a times I rejected her n avoided her because of very petty reasons but she never even had an idea of missing me.She constantly kept in touch with me.She use to share everything with me n trusted me completely.Slowly even I opened up with her n started to share the most unknown things of mine with her.Then after schooling she joined in hostel n we parted for a while.Then I dint feel much bout her but she use to meet me whenever she comes here for holidays.We use to talk about the things with each other n she use to ask my opinions about each n everything of hers.She respected me a lot n I use to feel comfortable with her.after finishing inter we joined in long-term n again she joined in hostel.She used to feel nostalgic n out-of-place in hostel n use to share her pain with me.She had the determination to get a good rank in eamcet but always used to feel disturbed n upset.I always told her not to be depressed n keep studying. She z as bold as me n very friendly with everyone.The best thing of hers is she accepts everyone as they are n never demand for a change.She always appreciates me with my qualities n decisions n always be good to me.then after long-term she struggled a lot to get a seat in mbbs but could not.Atlast she got a seat in bds in some college very far away from her place.So in order to come up as a doctor she went there with pain n of course with a goal.Later she came here for every holidays n meet me without any fail.We use to go on to our terrace n talk a lot about each other.I use to go to her house whenever I feel like talking to her n she use to come to my house too.We both became best friends n I started to embrace her thoughts too.She always shares her pain with me n put up her whole confession n grief regarding various things to me.Then as usual she came to my house once before her exams n spoke to me n I also went to her house we had a long chat in her cellar the previous night of her departure.The next day I got a message from her while she was in her train saying that she z getting bored.I was surprised to see her message as we never messaged to each other before.I chatted with her in messages for a while n she went back to her college.Then after few days I got a call from one of my classmates that raj committed suicide the previous day n it came in newspaper.I was dumbstruck with the cal n immediately went to her house.Then her door was locked n dint get any hint of the news.Then I called upon her mom n got the news that family went to her college to bring her body …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

…………………………………………………………………………………………..this is the worst news I ever heard.My best friend who z very normal til now n very bold, who is really close to me, who shared the best part of my life, who z very broad-minded n practical in mind committed suicide n herself ended her life. I dint cry at the very moment because subconsciously I dint realise the truth yet. Then nearly for 2 to 3 hours I along with my school friends who got the news waited in her cellar to see her body for the last time. Then finally the ambulance came n my raj was lying in silently in the cold wooden box with a cross on it. She was covered in plain white cloth after the crude dissection of her body i . e post-mortem. Her family started to cry very bitterly thinking of the truth that she z no more. I slowly started to realise that this is the last meeting of mine with her in her cellar our meeting place.Her box was placed in the cellar n all who are waiting for her arrival surrounded her n the atmosphere z so heavy that even a feather seemed to be weighing hundred million pounds. I cried like hell for her from the moment she reached here. I was crying continuously for her. That is our meeting place. It’s the same. I was standing there n im the same n she z too present but placidly resting in the box with bright face reflecting nothing.All saw her face for the last time AnD forced me too to see her but I dint have the courage to see the smiling raj face in that condition. I dint want to have the last vision of hers in that condition. I thought I would like to remember her smiling face I lastly saw before she left to her college. Finally they took her away n my raj is gone forever. I cant see her anymore n i cant share my thoughts with her anymore……she is gone abruptly from my life leaving a very good impression of her journey with me till now. I dint know the reason of her attempt. I don’t want to know too.But the truth is she is not so weak at heart to do such a frightful thing. My raj is very bold. She boosted me many a times with her words n gave me courage with critical situations of my life but she ended up this way.Whenever I go on to my terrace i look at her balcony once n think of her.That hurts me a lot as ever. One thing i would like to say is problems are always the same.They would never end. But the thing is we should be bold at heart n mind n jus think for a while when we are really depressed. The moment we start surrendering ourself to our heart we grow weaker n weaker. So always listen to the mind n use your wisdom. Nothing is impossible in this world. Jus think of the family n their love towards us. Definitely there would be some ray of hope seen in our life in any kind of situations. So raj missed this point n innocently ended up her life.She is always the most precious person in my life n i miss her a lot…………………miss u raj……………….really miss u


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