my views

check YOURSELF……..

According to my opinion n knowledge a meaningful person has to possess the following characters n qualities which would always enhance their success n mark their position in the world as unique…………

1.should always try to be clear of our thoughts n attitude which will help us to stay out of confusion.

2.should never try to pretend things n manipulate even for the sake of the good of others.such qualities would destruct the trust n confidence of others on us.

3.should help others n attend their problems without ourselves being affected.should look ones safety before being a helping hand to others.

4.should respect others n understand n accept their views though we are not congruent with their opinions.

5.should perceive things as they are n never cheat ourselves imagining things n knowing the truth subconsciously.

6.should think thousand times before believing something against others n criticizing them.

7.should never hurt or corner others feelings which we feel that it pains a lot when its in our case.

8.always be good as long as possible n untill we are conscious n awake.

……………………..above all jus be the way with others in the way u expect  them to be with u.

i am totally confident that above qualities would help a person to the peak to have good relationship with others n have a good n satisfied life in this society.i follow them thoroughly n always try to make up myself up to the mark and be happy without disturbing others in any way.


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