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Do I Have “ENEMIES”????……..Strange!!!

Yes it seems so strange to me to find people hating me.Till now I have never found anyone hating me or criticizing me as far as my knowledge z concerned. I never hurt anyone or make them feel sick of my presence.I am always conscious n cautious about it.So i never failed so far in that
point but recently I came to know that without our knowledge n involvement things happen and we get affected and had to face the consequences.As i got used to compliments n supporting statements from everyone I came across til now, it seemed so strange to see people hating me  so much n cursing me for every deed of mine. I came across many opinions of my friends n well
wishers that I appear to be headstrong and arrogant but I never cared them because my intentions never reflect my appeal and it’s not my mistake.But even this misperception of people about my attitude added to my fate and made people hate me more than they can do.It took really a good
amount of time to digest the fact but I got to know many things from this event of my life.

I understood that people are not all the same always.they change with time and its  not their mistake.
Sometimes even a small word from ones mouth leads to hard situations like
misunderstandings and rumours.
Having a conflict and arguing with someone is like putting ourselves into a quicksand n trying to find a good support to get out of it.
Never show our feelings or aggression to someone who can’t understand and are not worthy to take them.

Accident may happen even if others take a wrong step and we might pay for it.
Happiness doesn’t come only if u understand others but others should also be able to understand us.
Never bother about someone who are not worth of your attention.It gives
unwanted pain and strain.
Try to realise that what you see is not the only thing happening around you.there are  many secrets hiding behind you always.

Of course I am happy to realise many things from the situations I have been in and  learnt a lot.I am thankful to god for showing me my enemies and teaching me how to face them.
In fact the so-called enemies are the ones who don’t let us commit any mistakes n lead us in a proper path.We don’t easily make mistakes in their presence fearing of their criticism and mockery.I am correcting myself from their observations and allegations.My dad told me that
people never reach our expectations and its our mere mistake to expect from them.Thats true and I am learning it practically now.So far I have learnt enough from my college life and still
learning. I hope I will learn much more without anymore being affected……………….


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