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Sorry dale………

I recently read a book called “how to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. It’s all about dealing with people and their mentalities and involves the ways to improve a good relationship with them.It shows ample of examples regarding the problems we face while interacting with  different personalities and also gives the solutions for them.It counsels us so well and show us  a way to impress people and get close to’s not only useful for business executives and salesman or working people but also for students to mingle with others and gain friends………….

But how far is it right to follow those ways and get close to people???of course its the best way
to follow this book for working people and business executives who makes deals with
companies for those relations which does not involve anything personal.

I strongly believe that this book does not help for having a good relation with friends.Because it clearly says that you should never show your real attitude or character to others.It continuously says cheat others pretend your nature impress them by masking yourself and fool them finally.Its not fair and healthy for a good relationship.Friends are the ones to whom you can show your real character and nature.If you ought to conceal everything and impress them whats the use of having such a blind fragile relation which is not at all true.

Suppose two people follow the book and hide their real characters and mask them with all the qualities suggested in the book.Very frequently they have to fight with each other because at various points they have to show their real nature and they can’t digest that and obviously it leads to a fight.When you can’t show what you are near your friends too there is no point in making friends at all.

I seriously rebuke the philosophy in the book because one can’t keep pretending his character and be happy with people around especially with  friends.So the title of the book does not make any justice to the book.


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