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Most Horrifying moment of my life……

I never thought I would get a day so early in my life where I would worry so much about my parents. As I got used to be protected and be taken care of by mom so far, I dint understand what to do when I got a situation where I have to nurse my mom in contrast to the usual.I almost got worried to the peak to see my mom so helpless and out of control and faced lot of dilemma as to what to do with her at the very moment and panicked for a while besides seeming to be strong to her to assure her that nothing is going to happen to her though I dint know exactly what is wrong with her.


It was on april 21st morning when i was preparing for my semister exams with lot of pressure due to the uncovered syllabus and lot of tension.Similar to the past week i was holding my book in hands and trying to peruse as many pages as possible to blindly pacify myself and pretend that I have completed lot of topics for the exam.My mom woke up earlier than me to prepare lunch for my dad for the following afternoon as usual.Usually she faces a lot of trouble to wake up early in the morning as she just loves the early hours of the day to sleep peacefully just like me.So she woke up with lot of trouble that day complaining that she had a reeling sensation while waking up.Dad and myself thought that it’s the same phenomenon she comes across during the early hours so we dint mind her comment much and continued with our works.Somehow she packed everything for dad and dad left to his office which takes almost 3 hours of journey and he can’t come back for two more days.So after dad left mom settled on the bed to have 2 more hours of her precious sleep which i was observing while studying.Then suddenly our watchman rang the door bell and i was about to get up from my chair to attend the door and that is when the most horrifying moment came into the picture.My mom told me not to get disturbed and got up from the bed to open the door and she simply collapsed back on the bed still being awake.I was not actually that shocked because she sometimes acts as if falling down or moving all of a sudden to threaten me so i scolded her for doing so as it might give any neck pain or backaches.But she tried to get up slowly without answering me and she fell back the same way and this time i was alarmed about her unusual behaviour and went beside her to confirm what is actually happening to her.Then she gathered the whole courage to explain me about her position that she is not able to wake up or move her head even a bit and she is feeling like something is banging her head back with lot of force.Then i realised that she was affected physically very badly and couldn’t figure out what it was.Dad left half an hour back and i was all left alone at home with mom so dint have and idea what to do was speaking normal and able to think normal but not having a chance to lift her head or move and is having a lot of reeling sensation.then i tried lot of times to raise her to her feet but she was falling back very badly and we dint try to do that again.i called upon my dad immediately and by gods grace he dint get into his bus yet so he headed back home as soon as i called him.meanwhile we are thinking of moms position and what to do with her.she is not able to stand or move her head and to see a doctor she has to come out of the house.even to call an ambulance we dint know if it’s a big problem or just a reaction due to work or weakness so as soon as dad came he went to the nearest doctor whom we are well acquainted with but she is not here in her clinic and we were in dilemma what to do with moms condition so on the way back to home dad asked the nearest pharmacist for a suggestion and he told that i might be due to drop in her blood pressure so asked us to give salt water along with her usual bp tablets but it dint work too and we had to do something before the situation goes finally we called upon our family doctor saying that it’s an emergency call.luckily the receptionist transferred the call to the doctor and dad explained the whole condition to him and he gave a tablet name and told to give to her immediately and asked to bring her in the evening and assured that everything is going to be normal.then we are relieved a bit to hear that nothing is there to got the tablet and gave it to her and slowly mom fell asleep.


i was totally shocked and couldn’t take the situation so easy to heart.i never saw mom so helpless and physically out of control and seeking for a support so badly.she is the one who takes care of us all the time and attends everyone in the family whoever gets hospitalised and nurses them so well and manages so well just like a doctor.i always wonder how she knows very well as how to care of a patient and how to feed them like an experienced doctor.but all of a sudden i saw her in the place of a patient rather than being a doctor to my family.i am in a state of confusion and worried a lot about her in addition to my worries about my exams.but once she sees me panicking for her she would start imagining that something worse is going to happen to her so i had to hide all my tensions and worries with a cool face and assure her that it’s just a small reaction in her body and nothing to worry at all.she believes that i know everything about medicine and diseases so i pretended that it might be due to the attack of diabetes or thyroid or something but not more than that.though she is totally terrified by the reeling sensation and not being able to get up she tried to believe my words and tried to calm down.on one side im worried about her condition and on the other side dint understand if i had to forgo my exams as there are only two days left for them to start.i cant leave my mom in hospital if she had to be admitted as i was sure that something big has attacked her and thought it was a major problem then. she cures faster if all of us stay beside her and comfort her in all the ways so i thought i am going to skip this semester for sure.i prayed to god that nothing big should happen to mom and i am ready to forgo my exams for that.from the moment i saw mom collapsing like that everything went blank to me and couldn’t believe the truth she is growing weak in health and its time to take good care of her.


later she woke up in the afternoon after taking the tablet and felt the same as before so we took her to the hospital with lot of struggle without causing much pain to her and with lot of measures.she tried a lot to help us to take her to hosp.then the doctor directed the staff to do all the tests required and inform him.then the doctor concluded that it’s all because of high count of lipids in blood that she collapsed so badly all of a sudden and its a very common problem nowadays.we got great relief to hear those words and felt like thousands of tonnes of weight is heaved off our heads.we brought her home and continued the tablets and she started to feel better after few hours.i started to prepare for my exams attending her every minute without fail.she recovered soon within few days and i felt happy to see her be back to normal.


the moment i saw her in her worst situation that day, i decided that i would never disobey her or hurt her in any way at any cost.i felt that she deserves a lot of attention of mine and need to satisfy her always.i thought the time has come where me and my brother should be attentive about mom and dad as they are growing old and physically ill day by day.they made countless sacrifices for us and never thought about themselves so we are the parents now and should be careful with their every movement and love them as much as possible and show it to them as it’s the best medicine to parents they could ever be treated with for any disease or disorder.just a hint of assurance and the loving presence of children are the best medicines to them which would pass them through any kind of illness mentally or physically.i realised and experienced that for the first time with my parents and i strongly believe that it would be the last that any of them would suffer such a kind of day in our lives.


5 thoughts on “Most Horrifying moment of my life……

  1. Real Gud Writing.. Sravani… Especially the last stanza, were u described how loving thy parents is the best medicine….

    —Sandeep YSNM


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