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being Foolish is being Human

The only character which made the sapiens versatile in the world is having wisdom.without the  differentiating power and decisiveness we would be as wild and savage as other animals are.but what is the fun in being mr perfect or mr know it all every time and everywhere when there is a lot to enjoy and perceive only with the foolishness or innocense.ofcourse each and every one would definitely be foolish knowingly to just surpass the difficulty in the situation or as i said before jus to enjoy the moment and perceive it for a while.there would be a lot of situations for us to be foolish or insane where we would never regret for being so for a while and besides we would enjoy the consequence with some sort of happiness and the feeling which make us realise that we are just the normal people as others are.

Few of the foolish acts we usually come across…………

the foolish or unclear attitude of a lover who thinks that caring his girlfriend is the only
job for his entire life shows the impact of the human instinct of foolishness on him.though he
knows at some corner that he wouldn’t be accepted by her for sure, he never tries to digest the truth but struggles in masking his insecure feeling by his extra care and attentiveness towards her needs and moves all the time.he never want to discuss even with himself the fact that she would never be his better half and survives on the ray of hope that some day would come when he would slip the ring onto his girls finger and she would accept his proposal of them getting married.maybe the chances of her agreeing his proposal are almost nil but he is not ready to miss the least chances of her approval so he continues to be foolish in believing so.that shows being foolish for a while is necessary too to get the real tinge of happiness in life.and coming to the girl, she would never avoid the guy’s attention and care though she knows that he is not the right guy.she moves  with him all around and accepts his help all the time and consciously she would let him fall deeply in love with her.thats not the energetic foolishness as supposed before but the most dramatic and
mean innocense.she doesnt want to miss the care and fun with the guy and enjoys his presence for  a while.and obviously there are chances too to get impressed by the approach and accept him as her man but it’s not fair on her part to be foolish in a mean way.


coming to the movies…….its the most regular and most common way of nurturing our foolishness where we find lot of pleasure and enjoy the most being so.we watch the most impossible things happen and imagine them to be real and enjoy ourselves for a while.though we know that events or things happening in the movies never comes to be real and merely impossible .we never think of that possibility and have lot of fun for the few hours we watch the film.the nonexisting world like avatar, the most eccentric person like hancock…..these are the most entertaining and pacifying dreams which is actually foolish to think of but gives a lot of fun and satisfaction as long as we watch them……

there are a lot more instances of foolishness where there is no much impact on us and happens without even our notice.we happen to watch some program in tv while we are in a hurry to go out on some important work.the program may be exciting and interesting but the work is more important and still we can’t take our eye away from the screen, we eat more than we need when its our favorite
dish and it adds up to our weight which would bother us a lot later, argue with friends on a lame topic though we are not sure if we were right or wrong,the most common example i.e, bikes on roads. its our daily experience that we see the bikes sweep the roads with great speed which is the most dangerous act of fun for guys but still they enjoy the momentary fun in going with great speed.most of the students never obey the teachers as far as possible while they still know that they would be punished  for that.

it’s not that we don’t know how to act perfect or how to avoid the problems and be in the safe zone
throughout.there are a lot of ways to show our wisdom and be tacky with things happening around but
that would fetch only a planned life with success and safe journey throughout ones life.there would
be nothing to think of and be reminiscent about and laugh with lot of satisfaction later.we are
always happy with things which would make a lot of memories in future and give sweet tingle when
we think of them but not the planned and perfect things which would tag the success but not the real
happiness for us.the most suitable and available time for a person to be foolish and make mistakes
with awareness is the adolescence where we would learn a lot from them and enjoy the life at a time.
because we would have a lot of chances to correct ourselves and learn a lot.being straight and leading
a placid life would leave a gist of nothing when u think of your better act foolish and
show the innocence when possible and add the real essence to your life…….


5 thoughts on “being Foolish is being Human

  1. its so nice to see u write so beautifully ….n some of the things spken here lyk the girl with mean innosence…tats the part i lyk the most but u picturized her more positively but …i always thought of writting about tat negatively…our thoughts r different but its so true “stay hungry stay foolish”….:):)
    keep writing
    with love


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