my experiences

2011(A Year Of Melancholy)

The year started of with a wonderful memorable fantastic trip in the 3rd year of my college and ended with my marriage.i cant believe that i am saying this but its more than i have already written in my blog about the coolest trip i had in college,started the year 2011 with fun n joy.

later by the end of the year got married with god speed.cant even think about it while it was happening.for a girl its the most important thing in the view of parents just like career for a parents thought the same too.untill then my dad was my best bud in everything.he supported me in everything and every step of my life.He never even convinced me about things which i am not interested in.related to my marriage he has the same attitude Like i had.but then besides being my friend he started to think like a father.he agreed with my mom to find a perfect bride for me and started their first i thought it is going to take a lot of time and i felt pretty easy about it.As months passed they seemed to be successful and i started to once i was told that people are coming to meet me.i felt tremors under my feet.But i still had to face least for the sake of my parents respect.i had no choice.went through it somehow and within no time came another set of people and i was very furious about meeting people like that.but my 4.1 semister exams were approaching and i had no time to think about the drastic change that is going to happen in my life.i had to focus on my exams as i dont want to smudge my certificates with backlogs.that was more important to me at that time.I kept everything behind me and started my preparation. My parents concluded their search and fixed my engagement date immediately after exams.that was the hardest blow to me but i had nothing to do about it.i thought i would find some clarity about having a career and I can defend myself with it to get away from marriage. But things were rolling real fast and i was totally lost. I completed my exams and got engaged.i finally decided to make my parents happy instead of ending my life.i took it as a suicide mission and accepted to marry.i thought it was my chance to show my gratitude to the wonderful parents i had.i thought that till now i had a contented life and it was enough.maybe it was my turn to make mom and dad happy and the time has come.time jus flew off without looking back and finally got married.

my parents are not jus happy but felt like they achieved what they have been dreaming of.All of a sudden their dreams turned out to be watching me getting married rather than having a career.i felt like a paper flying with the wind aiming for nothing.finally i landed in uday’s life without my Notice and intention.days rolled involving all the customs post marriage and i came back home as decided.both our families had a deal before even being was about me coming back home after marriage and completing my bpharmacy.i went back to college and finished my semester like any other girl.only then i came to know about uday and his endless support to my views.he was like ,do whatever you want i am there for you.untill then i was totally worried about my life with a stranger whom i am supposed to live with my entire parents are lucky infact that their decision about my husband turned out to be right.though i dint have a career i ended up with a perfect life partner and an awesome kid nemo.

sometimes i feel dejected about not working and that will never go away unless i needs some more time to happen.


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