Subtle skin

Following the previous post here are some tips for skin care which are very economical and really works for all types of skins.The easiest way to take care of your charm is by applying face packs rather than expensive parlor treatments and chemical are a lot of ingredients in our very kitchen and easily available in markets but we overlook them because of their easy availability.If we simply follow the following steps ,we can get a beautiful skin with long lasting glow.

♠ Wash your face as soon as you get home from all the pollution outside which instantly damages your skin.Wash it with a mild face wash which clears all the dirt on your face.

♠ Evergreen solution for weary skin is milk cream which gives a lot of moisture and glow.Any facepack involving milk is good for skin.Take

  • a spoon of milk cream(thick coat of milk) or curd
  • one spoon honey
  • 3 to 4 drops of lemon(not much because it acts as a bleaching agent and might give reverse effect if used excessively)
  • one spoon besan powder or bath powder

Mix them thoroughly and apply the paste over your face evenly avoiding the area around your eyes.Leave it to dry or for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water and face wash.The skin appears real smooth and gives a good glow .Repeat it every week if possible for better results.

♠ Apply badam oil or johnson baby oil on your face and massage it for a while.Leave it for ten to twenty minutes and wash it.It makes the skin very smooth and removes the dirt from the pores in your skin and cleanse it.

♠ Use baby oil as makeup remover instead of chemical based ones.It works very well and easily available and leaves a good feel on the face.

♠ As said earlier in my post, strolling under early sunrays and healthy diet including fruits and nuts gives the necessary nutrition to the skin and adds its glow.

Avoiding tensions,adequate sleep and having a peaceful mind adds up to your health and beauty always.

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