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As i said earlier,hair is the most appealing thing in terms of beauty.When taken proper care it elevates your look and also fetches some integrity.There are a lot of treatments and hair packs in market and beauty salons,but i prefer totally natural and safe ones.They may not give us excellent change overs but improves the existing beauty in it.The chemical involved packs or powders or treatments may look fruitful  and give immediate results but they are never long-lasting or permanent.All the tips and suggestions given in the blog are proved and tested by me and completely safe.Here are few of them…dieu-tri-rung-toc-hoi-dau-hieu-qua-sau-4-dot-tri-lieu

  • The very first rule of hair maintenance is wash your hair at least once in 3 days.Thats the minimum and maximum gap between hair wash.If washed very often,as you all know it will become weak and fragile and dry and lose its glow.If not washed often it will get greasy and lose its shine.So the safest rule is to wash it every 3rd day.Wash it right from the roots to the tips and massage the scalp well so that there will be a good blood circulation to the roots of hair and helps in its growth.
  • First wet your hair completely and apply shampoo which is diluted in equal amounts of water.Its better to dilute your shampoo so that it will be very mild .Masssage throughout your hair and wash it completely with cold water which is always favourable for hair.Later apply conditioner and leave it for a while and the wash it.conditioner should be applied only at the tips of hair and not at the roots.It will make your hair look greasy.Now dab your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it.Comb it well with a wide toothed comb.This is the proper way of washing your hair.
  • Coming to the hair packs,they are the best remedies for damaged hair and for a perfect hair routine.The hair pack i prefer is as follows…                                                                                                  * curd – 1 spoon                                                                                                                                         * lemon – 3 to 4 drops                                                                                                                             * honey – 1 spoon                                                                                                                                     * amla powder – 1 to 2 spoons                                                                                                             * soaked methi seeds ground to paste – 1 spoon                                                                           * oil (almond or castor or sesame or coconut or badam or any type of hair oil available) – 2 spoons.                                                                                                                    Mix everything into a paste and rest it for 2 minutes.Now apply it with a brush or hand evenly all over the hair and scalp too.wrap the hair with warm towel and leave it for at least half hour or untill dry and wash it old fashioned.Some say that honey lightens your hair and not good to apply but believe me i tried it myself and nothing changed with the colour.infact it gives good shine and makes the hair smooth.Once washed and dried your hair gets full and bouncy and shines so well.It may not last long but serves good for a day or two.You can repeat the procedure once in a fortnight for healthy smooth hair.
  • Also trim your hair every month at the least to avoid split ends and have a hair cut regularly for a beautiful bouncing hair.Regular haircut not only looks good on you but also boosts up your confidence and gives you new energy.If you follow the above rules regularly you can own your style of hair in a glamorous way and look gorgeous in your own way.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Hair

    1. Hi thanks for ur comment… depends on your type of hair…..the regular care works for all.always wrap your hair with a scarf while on road and have hair packs atleast once in a week.its better to be away from artificial creams n gels because they make it more brittle n change easily.ill get back wid tips for climatic changes in my blog.keep reading …tc

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