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Straight Hair Made Easy

hair-care-101-caring-for-naturally-straight-hair Not only having a well maintained hair is enough but it can be transformed into whichever type you are fascinated with.People have their own preferences these days and you should be able to look the way you wanted but not how others want you to.Many girls out there likes to have a straight hair even at the cost of exposing it to the heat of straighteners or ironer whatever it is.Having a straight hair looks very even and descent and appears to be professional in most of the cases.But to possess it is the great task for every girl who wants it.Here i have few tips,in fact magical ways to straighten your hair without any heat or much efforts.According to me i always prefer natural and harmless way of makeover to my hair which is safe and do not give any frizz to it.so here goes the magic……


♥ After washing your hair and conditioning it like I said in the happy hair,simply dab your hair dry as much as possible with the towel and then comb it with a wide toothed comb.That itself makes your hair straight for a while and keep combing without breaking any of your hair until it’s a little dry several times.This simple tip makes your hair frizz free and straight for a while.

♥ you apply hair serum (a good one and my recommendation is Marix Biolage hair serum which is tried and effective ) and comb it like i said before and repeat the same.It volumises your hair and makes it less wavy due to combing

♥ The most simple way of hair straightening is using hair straightening creams which are homemade and doesn’t harm your hair at all.Infact it nourishes the hair and conditions it and in addition to that it straightens too.Take a cup of coconut milk and squeeze half of a lemon in it.No need to mix it or whisk it,just keep it in the refrigerator for a night and then remove the next morning.U can find a thick layer of cream on top of the coconut milk which is completely in creamy consistency.Remove it and apply it to your hair in strands and leave it without tying it.After a minimum of one hour wash your hair as usual and condition it.comb it and leave it to dry.It really feels soft and shining due to coconut milk and straighten up.Do not tie it in any way to maintain its straight nature and enjoy the straightened effect.coconut-milk-for-straight-hair

♥ Hair straightening cream which is home-made works wonders and here is the recipe…

coconut milk – 1 cup      olive oil-2tablespoons  lemon             – 1 lemon                                                                                                                                      cornstarch     – 3 tablespoons

Mix the cornstarch and lemon juice and keep it aside.Then mix oil and the milk and heat it on medium flame and start adding the cornstarch mixture.Keep stirring so there are no lumps and keep mixing untill a thick creamy consistency is seen.It forms into a smooth paste and take it away and cool it off.Now apply the cream evenly with a brush or your fingers all along the hair taking thin sections in hand.Apply it in a straight manner and leave it without tying up or making a bun.You can wrap a towel or an old t-shirt and wait for a minimum of 1 and half hour.It may seem to be a long time but  believe me you will be happy for the wait.Wash your hair and dry it with frequent combing and apply a serum or any after wash product.And thats it you get your straight hair very well and it stays for at least 2 to 3 days and if  you continue the treatment you can have it for a little longer.Remember its completely natural so you can’t expect a heat owned effect.But it serves the purpose.

♥ Having a hair pack with an egg also works the same.Break the egg into a bowl and take the yolk and add some curd to it and apply it to your hair.Leave it for half an hour and wash it with cold water.The only i am posting it after few of other options is it smells.You can do it when you are in hurry or even you have half of a day because you can’t get rid of the smell that easily but it works the same like hot oil treatment.It gives super good shine and straightens a bit .you can follow this when you are in your holidays leisurely followed by another hair wash the alternate day which will get rid of the smell completely.

♥ Flax seed is an age-old remedy for straight hair and leaves a good feel on the hair.Take 3 to 4 spoons of flax seeds in a pan and add a cup of water to it.Boil it in a medium flame and stir continuously.You will find it becoming into gel and keep stirring until its thick and greasy.Remove the pan and cool it.Now the whole content into a thin cloth and squeeze it to get the gel seperately.once cooled apply the gel on hair and leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.

These are the simplest tricks to straighten your hair in a natural way and keep it healthy along the way.

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Subtle skin

Following the previous post here are some tips for skin care which are very economical and really works for all types of skins.The easiest way to take care of your charm is by applying face packs rather than expensive parlor treatments and chemical touch.beauty-face-skin-1280x640There are a lot of ingredients in our very kitchen and easily available in markets but we overlook them because of their easy availability.If we simply follow the following steps ,we can get a beautiful skin with long lasting glow.

♠ Wash your face as soon as you get home from all the pollution outside which instantly damages your skin.Wash it with a mild face wash which clears all the dirt on your face.

♠ Evergreen solution for weary skin is milk cream which gives a lot of moisture and glow.Any facepack involving milk is good for skin.Take

  • a spoon of milk cream(thick coat of milk) or curd
  • one spoon honey
  • 3 to 4 drops of lemon(not much because it acts as a bleaching agent and might give reverse effect if used excessively)
  • one spoon besan powder or bath powder

Mix them thoroughly and apply the paste over your face evenly avoiding the area around your eyes.Leave it to dry or for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water and face wash.The skin appears real smooth and gives a good glow .Repeat it every week if possible for better results.

♠ Apply badam oil or johnson baby oil on your face and massage it for a while.Leave it for ten to twenty minutes and wash it.It makes the skin very smooth and removes the dirt from the pores in your skin and cleanse it.

♠ Use baby oil as makeup remover instead of chemical based ones.It works very well and easily available and leaves a good feel on the face.

♠ As said earlier in my post, strolling under early sunrays and healthy diet including fruits and nuts gives the necessary nutrition to the skin and adds its glow.

Avoiding tensions,adequate sleep and having a peaceful mind adds up to your health and beauty always.

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Being A Girl Is No Game

What it takes to be a girl ?beauty-portrait-beautiful-spa-woman-touching-her-face-34578191 Is it patience ? Is it talent or Is it Beauty ? Actually being a girl involves more to be a beauty bearer and saviour of it.Managing the glamour of a girl lies in the way she takes care of her skin,hair and personality.So if you really want to have a beautiful look in you, here are  some tips on how u maintain it.


  • Have a healthow-make-perfect-fruit-saladhy skin by taking healthy diet which involves mostly the fruits and nuts.ofcourse taking fruits directly are not that palatable and interesting.
    But make it interesting by putting on some crisp to it.Have salads which are really colourful and increase your appetite.Have them topped with your favourite nuts or Choco chips or honey etc.


  • Try to apply face masks at least once in a week which does not take much time.It is highly recommended that you go for a homemade one rather than the one from cosmetics.There are a lot of easy masks which you can try for example with honey ,curd and milk .Subtle skin
  • Have your skin nourished with early morning sunrays which are lot more helpful than any other.The skin needs vitamin D for its glow and health.Have a slow walk on grass under the sun during the sunrise or before sunset.You may not find the change immediately but it does its magic with time.Besides a pleasant walk under the sun doesn’t hurt much.
  • Scrub your body once in a fortnight with natural bath powder or any which improves your blood circulation and cleans the sweat pores in the skin.It definitely adds to the glow and bring new feel to the skin.capture-21We go through all kinds of pollution and strain our skin as much as our body inside so it needs to be replenished with some energy and cleansing.Natural bath powders are the best like besan powder or the bath powder we find in the market.It should be combined with milk for better result.




  • The most appealing feature in a girl since ages is hair.It is the dominating feature in fact which determines the charm in her.The hair is to be taken care of every alternate days if possible otherwise it starts to revolt on us by going dry and lifeless.
  • The first formula in hair care is to wash it at least every two days with a mild shampoo and then condition it with a conditioner.With my experience any average conditioner will do good.
  • When you decide to wash your hair,the first and most important thing is to apply required amount of oil on the night before if possible or a minimum of 2 to 3 hours before washing the hair.Oil is a magical therapy for hair which is easily available and can be applied easily.Though it appears to be greasy when applied,it simply revives hair to be shiny and moisturize it as needed.Personally i am a big fan of oil when it comes to hair and in fact easy treatment for hair.If it is warmed a little before applying then its perfect.Massage your scalp for at least two minutes with oil and leave it for 2 hours at least.wash the hair with shampoo later .
  • herbal-pack2Hair packs are a great boost to the hair and bumps it with shine and smoothness.The mostly used hair pack for a healthy and shiny hair is with honey,curd,lemon,amla powder,tea decoction mixed together and applied.It should be left for 1 hour or until dried and washed off as usual.Happy Hair
  • Applying oil and then hair pack does amazing things to hair.It gives glow and makes it extra smooth and shiny.
  • After washing the hair it should be dried naturally as much as possible.Drying it with heat makes it more fragile and dry and loses its shine every time.You should pat it with the towel while drying rather than rubbing it against it which increases the friction and thus makes it fragile.
  • Comb it with brush having bigger bristles so that it does not break your hair.Combing it while it is still wet makes it straight and also easy to untangle it.Remember that you should comb it very slowly without breaking it .
  • Trim your hair every now and then so that it looks healthy and well-groomed.



  • Look bold and confident in whatever you wear and however your mood is.The way you look at yourself is the way you present yourself to others.Feel the beauty in you more than you look in the mirror.
  • Stand straight and lengthen your neck while walking or talking to someone ,which exposes your confidence and finally makes you look perfect .
  • If you look confident,your looks doesn’t matter at all.People will tend to respect you and pay attention.confident-woman
  • Think positive is the mostly used quote but it really works.I know it’s not that easy to implement it in our daily life but it does work.It reflects in your health and face which makes you as fit as a fiddle and beautiful.
  • Have a cup of green tea with lemon and honey.It eliminates all the toxins inside your body and enhances your charm.The taste can be overcome with honey and lemon which are as well extremely healthy.


On a whole life is all about how you think of it and how you work on it.Just the same is beauty and health.Nothing works without efforts and hardwork.Have a nice cup of tea or your favourite drink when depressed or upset.It revives you mentally and get over the issue quickly.If you follow the tips given regularly you will look the way you want to be and makes you healthy.

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Mother ~ Sacrifice

If there is a word for the peaks of sacrifice, i.e. mother.people infact the whole world says that mother is ultimate being and praise her without boundaries but according to me,being a mother is losing herself to the eternity.everyone says and believes that being able to produce another life is a great opportunity and very sacred boon to a woman but i say its a boon only to the MANkind.its more or less a curse to mothers.by hook or crook only they had to produce babies for the sake of their family or any reason.even if husband is willing to take the pain he can never carry a baby in his womb.that’s the most disgusting fact.

Once a girl conceive and starts another life in her she z supposed to lead a life which doesnt concern about her will and wishes.she has to be a slave for her child.there would be lot of phases for her to go through and lot of changes in her physically n mentally that she cant take control of.she cant even sleep in a proper angle according to her comfort.day by day she digs deep into the pain and lose her life in a whole.then finally her life ending event takes place where she has to give pains to expell the baby out.when she goes through all the trouble her husband sees no change at all.he eats whatever he z pleased with,goes wherever wants to,sleeps normally and breathes normally.he would take a bath,get ready and drives to the hospital and boom …..he finds his son or daughter in his hands.besides the mother goes through every inch of death to give birth.and then the other side of the coin shows its effect.taking care of the baby.
the baby has to sleep beside its mother for warmth and love and everything.even if the dad z willing to sleep beside the baby that doesn’t work.she should feed the baby as many times as it requires despite the post delivery effects.even now the same story repeats.cant eat everything,no proper sleep,no proper outfits,no proper life.the father fits in the same size of clothes since their marriage but the so-called mother changes her dressing style for a million times.as the baby grows she has to completely forget that she exists anymore.she z less than a slave now.she forgets that she has a life too.is there an alternative? If the baby should be happy and get everything required the mother has to suffer.

I dont know how god assessed the chances for man and woman regarding giving birth to a baby.the whole cycle of things happening to her through out her life z related to pregnancy.she has to suffer her entire life almost to be able to give birth.whereas man simply leads his life undisturbed compared to woman.why cant the pain and cycle of events be distributed between male and female rationally? God is definitely partial about man and completely cursed woman.

The happiness a woman gets for being a mother conceals the pain she goes through the process.but the pain definitely exists.


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Mother …….true incarnation of love.she realizes your pain more than hers.there is no replacement for her love and no recovery from her loss.so let her know how much you love her and make your life meaningful..there can be no exact words to describe or measure mothers love towards her children. her love z always unending n precious.if one misses that love that means its a severe curse to them n has lost the major part of  love that one can  get in their entire life.